The Jamie Freeman Agreement

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'100 Miles From Town' is the second album from Sussex based Jamie Freeman. Here he is joined by his amazing band, The Agreement, to produce an album stocked to the gills with a veritable sack full of glorious melodies, sanguine hooks and instantly adorable choruses

The Jamie Freeman Agreement - "100 Miles From Town"

Union Music Store UMS005
Released: November 25th

Following on from his 2011 debut, Only You, South Coast songwriter Jamie Freeman and his band The Agreement are set to release ‘100 Miles From Town’on November 25th on his own Union Music Store label.   Featuring guest appearances from Brandy Zdan, Larkin Poe, Richard Smith, The Good Lovelies and UK pedal steel legend BJ Cole, and under consultation with Mark Chadwick (The Levellers) unlike his debut is very much a band focused album that underlines Freeman’s undoubted songwriting talents and great ear for a tune.  For what is Union Music’s fifth release, ‘100 Miles From Town’ covers the spectrum of folk, roots, country and Americana delivery a veritable sack full of glorious melodies, sanguine hooks and instantly adorable choruses.

Live favorite “The Knight” opens proceedings at a hearty pace, featuring the world renowned roots siblings Rebecca and Megan Lovell from Larkin Poe on lapsteel and mandolin respectively, whilst “Steel Away,” written in Austin with Zdan is awash with swathes of glorious pedal steel from Cole and made all the more enticing with the Canadian songstress providing a truly beautiful vocal accompaniment.  Even the most hardened of hearts will be threatened by its beauty.  The first single, “Hey Hey Indianna!” which features the amazing voice of local chanteuse Rachel Davies (Wolf Mother, Ana Brun) is a prime slice of storytelling Americana – woods, axes, murder and guilt – all delivered with bundles of conviction and worth.  Elsewhere the pure country rockin’ “Two Sugar Baby,” spiced to the max with the vocals of The Good Lovelies and wonderful guitar playing from Nashville’s Richard Smith, sits perfectly alongside “Its Your Lucky Day”, a song that featured on Jamie’s debut but here given a completely different vibe and edge.  A mention too for the remarkable “Scrabble From Afghanistan” a true story about a former US soldier who maintained his sanity by playing online Scrabble with his friends. 

Freeman, brother of international acting sensation Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock) has produced an album that from the off is laden with great songs and a musicianship that would match anything the genre has to offer.  A marked step up both in sound and style from his debut, ‘100 Miles From Town’ is set to pick up some really strong accolades and escalate this thoughtful and inventive songwriter and musician up the UK roots ladder at a rate of knots.  An album full to the brim of potential radio ‘hits’ expect to hear a lot from this record over the coming months.

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